Someone explain this Logo to me…

Pretty sure that the NFL hasn’t sanctioned this — no disrespect to the artist — but it’s just wrong.

RG3111 combo Redskins Logo -- this is just wrong

RG3 combo Redskins Logo — this is just wrong


And then there’s week 2

These pre games still … irk me.  So, many injuries taking players out for the season.  But it is what it is.

Detroit didn’t prevail week 2 against the BrownsPhilly did beat out Carolina — and it looks like Vick’s got the the starting QB slot — and the Ravens edged the  Falcons

The Seahawks 40 — Denver 10 — WTF?

Week 3 begins with

New England vs Detroit

Baltimore vs Carolina

I want Detroit to … let’s call it … do better.

We’ll see.