Still don’t understand Cheerleaders

…why they’re there or why they want to do it in the first place.  Do they really get the crowd going?  Anyway, being in Canada as I am, and being at the mercy of my cable provider as to which games I see… (As an example I can get NBA TV for about 2$ a month but if I want NFL I have to buy a 35$ a month sports package with a bunch of things I’m not really wanting to watch — yeah, thanks for that.)  I’m off topic again.  What we do see is the players running around in their October pink gear but beyond the “back from commercial up-skirt shot” the cheerleaders don’t make it on screen very often.  Who knew they did the pink thing too?  Certainly not me.  Here’s short look around the league.

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The wearing of the Pink is a strong united message but then there’s this…

(from NBC Sports)

Only 8 percent of revenue from the NFL’s pink merchandise to support breast cancer awareness actually goes toward cancer research, according to Business Insider’s report.

The report shows that the league keeps just 1.25 percent from the sale of pink merchandise, handing over 11.25 percent to the American Cancer Society. But 25 percent of the revenue goes to the company that makes the product and 50 percent to the company that sells the merchandise. The most popular places to purchase NFL gear are on the online league shop and at team shops online and at stadiums.

Every October the league unveils head-to-toe pink gear – from socks, to towels and sweatbands – for players to wear and fans to purchase, all in support of breast cancer awareness. The league recently discontinued the use of pink penalty flags after deeming them too confusing for players.

The choice then is to wear it and get the message out there … or don’t because of the above… It’s a bit of a “hey, wait a minute” moment isn’t it?


(Still proudly wearing my pink)