WEEK 1 …it’s a crapshoot but let’s go anyway

Wow — Thursday — Denver finished that one off …

Week 1 is a crapshoot — Any Given Sunday means any thing can happen — and I’m not cooking or cleaning or doing anything that’s going to get in my watching way …. and you can wash your own underpants as well.

Picks in bold

I did take Denver — how could you not?

New England @ Buffalo — I despise …no I loathe Buffalo

Seattle @ Carolina — The Seahawks screw me over regularly but not as much as Buffalo

Cincie @ Chicago — who knows? but that sweet and salty Chi-Town popcorn is good

Miami @ Cleveland — without Ricky Williams … hey I liked him.  But he’s gone.

Minnesota @ Detroit — I’m not sure Detroit’s young QB and Megatron or whatever his nickname is have got it going on again just yet.

Oakland @ Indy — no brainer …. I think with my brain that it’s a no brainer.  My brain might be wrong.

KC @ Jax — two crap teams by all accounts — this is dangerous overall — AKA crapshoot

Atlanta @ New Orleans — this one gave me pause to consider at length — when in doubt go home team

Tampa @ the Jets — The Jets, things that make you go …hmmm

Tennessee @ Pitts — who wants it more.  No. Who really really wants it more.  Beat @ home Week 1.  Pittsburgh wouldn’t like that.

Gbay @ San Fran — Big Colin fan — let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint.

Arizona @ St. Louis — Arizona just because I had to pick someone.

Giants @ Dallas — I just don’t like Dallas and Romo

Philly @ Washington — Now I do like RG111 — (his new sock line is a little f’d up though), I like both teams but will the knee stand the test of time?

Houston @ San Diego — Closing with Houston because it’s my right to do so.

This two Monday nighters is going to make me have to take a nap on Tuesday — Women have shit to do during the day.


As they say — know you’re limit and bet with in it — I’m telling you what I’m picking — not what you should pick.  That’s on you.  Be responsible.


It’s almost (real) NFL time and I can’t wait

6 Days 6 Days 6 DAYS!

I’m glad the pre-season is done — all it ends up being is a bunch of games that I don’t watch — wonder if I should have — then realize that there’s no use — ’cause it isn’t telling me or showing me anything.  Think what you want — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Going to go at things a few ways this year — different combos of pools with different combos of people.  I’ll explain that later — Don’t forget to read my disclaimer.

So September 5, 2013

Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos

Baltimore @ Denver

Can the Ravens survive without Ray Lewis — I expect so.  Can the Broncos win at home — repeatedly.  Who’s going to win this Season Opener — if anyone tells you they know they’re making shit up.  Just cause it’s Thursday doesn’t mean that the “Any Given Sunday” rule doesn’t apply. However Odds Gods are giving Denver +10 — That’s big.  We’ll see.