Washington @ Minnesota Thursday Night NFL

Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings NFL Thursday Night

We’ve been over this before and it’s even more relevant this season. Betting lines don’t mean much at all.  Those that set those lines have little more clue than you do as to who’s going to win any game at any time.  Their main drive is to make money — off anyone who’s willing to place a bet.  That being said Washington is favoured by 1.5 points — AKA — it’s anyone’s game.  Minnesota’s Peterson seems ready to bust out and tear the field up.  RG111 is improving but he’s still not quite back to his explosive play saving running the ball and laser accuracy throws of his previous season and prior to injury self.  And as much as I think that if you’re getting paid that much to play, you should suck it up and play….  that shit had to hurt.  I’m taking the Vikings tonight.

Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings NFL Thursday Night