My introduction to the NFL came quite by chance.  I had the sports section chucked at me with instructions to “Make my picks while I’m in Florida.  And don’t fuck it up.”  That was 10 years ago, and I’m still doing it…only now I do it for myself.  Better with the spread than without, but it is what it is.  I’ve had some very good years and some ridiculous ones and I’m not suggesting you go with my choices, oh no,  that’s on you, your shit’s your shit.  I’ve got my own pools to win … and so do you.

I keep my own stats, I’m not real up on injuries (mind you that Manning neck thing was something), or who the quarterback is this week.  Unless he’s a kneeling down MF with time to beat the spread if he’d just freaking throw the freaking ball, then I know his name.

I don’t watch every game … I’ve got girl stuff to do … that’s right.  Girl stuff.  So while I’m doing that girl stuff could you please just not get between me and the TV … and no you can’t have the channel changer or the remote or whatever you want to call it.  It’s mine. Don’t touch it. Fuck off.

It’s a mistake to think that women aren’t interested in sports, we just notice different things.  The Birdman might be the shit (or part of it) on the Heat, dribbling, shooting, or whatever it is he’s throwing down out there … but WTF is up with the hair?  Seriously, just play already.

Bottom line is that there’s a whole bunch more going on out there in the wide wild world of sports than scores and standings and spreads ….  you know what I’m talking about and you should expect to find it right here.



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