REPOST — Don’t Be That Guy: The Oakland Raiders Fan

What caught my eye originally was this fabulous Tweet from Miss Lydia of Pretty White Name fame. (she’s hilarious and sooo sarcastic and now that I find  she loves football as much as me I love her more.)


Here’s the post — read — enjoy and visit Miss Lydia on WordPress


It’s here! It’s finally here! The 2013 NFL Season is upon us!

Last Thursday’s Broncos-Ravens game kicked off the next 16 glorious weeks. I love football season because it’s the only thing that will get to me out of my house and to a bar in broad daylight. On Sundays, I suit up in my Eagles attire and head out to meet the guys and some sort of chicken wings configuration. Every game day is a celebration and every friend is a potential foe. Even God rested on the seventh day to watch football.

Sports notoriously brings people together. It can put wars on pause and turn even the churchiest female into a screaming wild beast at least once a week. But there’s always one guy at the bar who has to kill my football chick boner, and that guy is always the Raiders fan.

My advice to you is this: Don’t be a fucking Raiders fan.

LA has no football team, leaving the locals to pick the San Diego Chargers or Oakland Raiders as their “home” team. Those who choose the Raiders have chosen poorly. Raiders fans are at the bottom of the NFL fan totem pole and by no one’s fault but their own.

During football season, Sundays are the Benetton ad of sports bars. They invite people from all walks of life and supporters of teams in every division: Cardinals, Pats, Texans – you name it. But Raiders fans are different. They don’t blend into the sea of football fans enjoying nachos and beer like the rest of us. You can hear a Raiders fan before you see one. They have a distinct sound, a mating call of sorts that’s several decibels louder than your typical crowd cheer. The Raiders Roar, as I call it, is not just reserved for big plays or touchdowns. It’s every play. Every yard.

Check out the following clip to hear this Raiders Roar:

Do you avoid bars with Raiders fans? Is this limited to Raiders fans in Southern California?

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