It’s almost (real) NFL time and I can’t wait

6 Days 6 Days 6 DAYS!

I’m glad the pre-season is done — all it ends up being is a bunch of games that I don’t watch — wonder if I should have — then realize that there’s no use — ’cause it isn’t telling me or showing me anything.  Think what you want — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Going to go at things a few ways this year — different combos of pools with different combos of people.  I’ll explain that later — Don’t forget to read my disclaimer.

So September 5, 2013

Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos

Baltimore @ Denver

Can the Ravens survive without Ray Lewis — I expect so.  Can the Broncos win at home — repeatedly.  Who’s going to win this Season Opener — if anyone tells you they know they’re making shit up.  Just cause it’s Thursday doesn’t mean that the “Any Given Sunday” rule doesn’t apply. However Odds Gods are giving Denver +10 — That’s big.  We’ll see.

And then there’s week 2

These pre games still … irk me.  So, many injuries taking players out for the season.  But it is what it is.

Detroit didn’t prevail week 2 against the BrownsPhilly did beat out Carolina — and it looks like Vick’s got the the starting QB slot — and the Ravens edged the  Falcons

The Seahawks 40 — Denver 10 — WTF?

Week 3 begins with

New England vs Detroit

Baltimore vs Carolina

I want Detroit to … let’s call it … do better.

We’ll see.

What Pre Season Week 1 showed us…

Not a shit load of info — I still have a hard time getting excited to watch someone half playing, running practice plays, and generally trying not to get hurt before the real games start.  So what did it show … 

Not impressed by how much any team scores — I look at the low scores — because it speaks more to a team’s defence and ability to stop the other team.  And I’m not talking about something like Baltimore’s 44 – 10 win over Tampa — that’s somewhat self-explanatory.  I’m looking at Denver 10 – San Fran 6 — We know both of them can move the ball, but neither really did?  Smoking QBs so where’s the points — presumably in the pockets of the defence — two teams to watch closely.  Arizona 17 – 0 over Green Bay — there’s a puzzler.  If GB is that bad why couldn’t Arizona score more.  Things that make you go Hmmm?  Dallas/Oakland — 17-19 …whatever.  The Giants by 5 over Pittsburgh.  WTF is up with that? Sunday’s Buffalo 44 – 20 win over Indy — if I was betting on this one I still would have gone with Indy — ’cause I freaking despise Buffalo.  This year I’m sticking with tried and true which is to go against Buffalo — that way I get it half right.

Tonight starts Pre Season Week 2 — there’s 4 games




San Diego/Chicago

It’s anyone’s game — I’m watching Detroit, Philly, & Baltimore — these three have the most to prove.

Tight Pants & Leather Balls