Getting off on the good (fast) foot

Great Britain’s middle distance runner Mo Farah has challenged Jamaica’s sprint champion Usain Bolt to a run for charity.  Only contention is the distance – Usain is the fastest but can he go the distance; Mo can go the distance but is he fast enough in the short run to get ahead enough to get there first?  That’s the issue.  Suggested length so far is 600 meters.  Hmm… If they do it, I’m going with Bolt.

Usain Bolt (photo credit Michael Steele)

Usain Bolt
(photo credit Michael Steele)


Mo Farah

Mo Farah


Is it a heart?  Is it a Big M?  Does he have a headache?  None of the above – apparently he was challenged to come up with some sort of signature move to rival Bolt’s winning celebration style and this is what he came up with – now referred to as the “Mobot” …. It’s a little weak but seeing as how he can outrun me at any distance, he can do what he wants. 

One day it’ll all make sense

…and the uniform will fit.  Have always liked the Vikings, probably a northern states, cold shitty winter kind of thing.  (Having spent a large amount of time in Northern Ontario)

Also Man-dy in a very sexy dad kind of way

Also Man-dy in a very sexy dad kind of way

Music to do your business to…

Everyone should have their own hotel room DJ ... I guess

Everyone should have their own hotel room DJ … I guess

Is this something a person would ask for, like room service?  Is there a certain kind of music or song that would make you go, or you’d have played while you were doing your business?  Is that DJ’s choice?

there’s a little video here

Pre Season… whatever

Pre Season starts on Thursday August 8, with 5 games on tap.  And I don’t care.  I’m waiting for the season opener on September 5th.  Baltimore @ Denver.  Pre Season is pretend football. Granted they don’t want to hurt themselves before they really get going and it counts towards something but it’s really not that intense.  The booth men just practice their shtick, the big men practice running their plays, the babes on the sidelines shine their boots, shake their pompoms, and try to stay in step and look extra excited when the camera man shoots up their butts.  When you’re really ready to play, I’m right here ready to watch.

Apologies … again

Free Hernandez Hats …. Instagram

Now I just put these two up on the Good Page for all the … you know, Good stuff they do, and no doubt they’re just being loyal to a past team mate but don’t they know enough by now that Instagram pics just come back and bite you in the ass no matter how much of a good idea it seemed at the time.  Someone, somewhere is going to be pissed off, like the Steelers who already garnered an apology from Maurkice and Miami’s front office is probably not far behind in forcing something similar out of Mike.

Here’s the Instagram pic —